Beer Baths

Beer spas are known for their healing effects since ancient times. The European Centre of the Natural Beer Spa allow you to get to know the power of the healing effects that this unique treatment offers.

Get to know the Karlovy Vary beer spa and the unfiltered, unpasteurised beer that gives the nutrients your body needs to strengthen it and that lends your skin a youthful appearance!

Beer Sauna

90% of guests arriving at the Natural European Beer Spa Center from Germany ask whether we have a sauna. We answer: “No,” and based on our personal experience we answer why. We have two hotels in Russia, near Sochi: “Staryj zamok” (“Old Chateau”) and “Ocharovatelnaya polyanka” (“Charming Meadow”). Unfiltered and unpasteurized beer is brewed there as in Karlovy Vary. There are two saunas with pools and a sauna with bath brooms and real river stones, which do not crack when heated. We liked all of this until we founded a first Beer Spa in 2008. Afterwards, in a few years, our group of 6 people rarely used the sauna. Beer baths have replaced the sauna splendidly with a significantly higher positive effect. As a rule, we were in a large bathtub for about 3 hours. Some of our guests proceeded as follows, both in Russia and the Czech Republic, because the second hour of bathing costs 50% and the third one 30% of the regular price. And the price, as you will certainly agree, is very reasonable because, for example, a large bathtub for 6 people costs 169 EUR in the Czech Republic.


Those who begin their search for a beer spa in Nuremberg, Munich, Dresden, Leipzig, Berlin, Prague and Vienna do not know that there is no beer spa in most of these cities. Although the beer spa has a long history: since the beginning of brewing, long before the beginning of the era of Jesus Christ. However, in the last two decades this phenomenon continued to develop, especially in the Czech Republic. As the readers of the Bible have divided into dozens and even hundreds of religious directions due to their different understanding of its content, the concept of "beer spa" is explained very freely and uniquely. Most guests, who rely on fact that they have already attended beer baths, will be disillusioned: it will be different.

How the true beer spa should look? Many of those who provide these services call their spa the real ones. Of course, it is necessary to rely on the objective criteria. The first one results from the name "beer bath" itself: only the unfiltered, unpasteurized, live BEER shall be in the bathtub!!!

Wikipedia - History of beer and beer spa

Currently, teachers do not recommend pupils in schools to rely on information contained in Wikipedia when preparing for study. It is considered unreliable. However, most people use this “folk” encyclopedia as easy accessible source of necessary basic information. Therefore, the mistakes contained in this resource not only spread rapidly, but also create erroneous reference points for readers. The same applies to the information about beer spa. Wikipedia either does not contain it, or the content is largely inconsistent with the reality.

Experts who authorize publishing Wikipedia articles on beer spa, judging by the information on their expertise and work experience, located on the Internet, are often inadequately competent and are they contain misleading information. They refused to publish the article about beer spa in Russian (German), in their opinion, it had insufficient scientific and academic base. Even if one of the authors is a science candidate and the other is a physician with six specializations, and they own officially registered patent no. 2494719 on the discovery of beer spa as a physiotherapy procedure (after several years of specification and approval) since 2013.