90% of guests arriving at the Natural European Beer Spa Center from Germany ask whether we have a sauna. We answer: “No,” and based on our personal experience we answer why.

We have two hotels in Russia, near Sochi: “Staryj zamok” (“Old Chateau”) and “Ocharovatelnaya polyanka” (“Charming Meadow”). Unfiltered and unpasteurized beer is brewed there as in Karlovy Vary. There are two saunas with pools and a sauna with bath brooms and real river stones, which do not crack when heated. We liked all of this until we founded a first Beer Spa in 2008. Afterwards, in a few years, our group of 6 people rarely used the sauna. Beer baths have replaced the sauna splendidly with a significantly higher positive effect. As a rule, we were in a large bathtub for about 3 hours. Some of our guests proceeded as follows, both in Russia and the Czech Republic, because the second hour of bathing costs 50% and the third one 30% of the regular price. And the price, as you will certainly agree, is very reasonable because, for example, a large bathtub for 6 people costs 169 EUR in the Czech Republic. This is much more expensive than in case of the competitors – a small bathtub for two. Our company in Karlovy Vary owns two of such bathtubs.

Mechanism of action on the body in a beer bath

Many tourists from Germany, when bathing in a bathtub in two or as a group in a large bathtub, call a procedure in the wooden beer spa the “Biersauna” (“beer sauna”). Basically, they are not so far from the truth. The system of the effect on the body is in case of beer bath the same as it is for the sauna, but much more gentle. Temperature 37-38°C. Warm aero-massage enhances the effect of water solution of unfiltered, unpasteurized beer. The procedure lasts an hour. The result is a pleasant relaxation, then a flow of strength and an increase in vitality. The body is not overheated, as it can usually happen in the sauna. The skin and hair do not over-dry, but on the contrary, they are nourished with vitamin B and more than 30 micro elements from the high quality beer. Burned stones do not need to be sprayed with any plant solutions or anything else, as done in the sauna. The “live” dense beer bubbling in the bathtub has an aromatherapeutic effect. It warms up the joints, tendons, eliminates muscle tension – just like in sauna, but more gently and comfortably for the body. If the procedure made you tired, you have a cot, pillow and blanket at your disposal. After that, you can return to the bathtub within the reserved time. We assume there are certain reasons for calling this procedure, which we have patented as a physiotherapy bath, a beer sauna – as anyone likes. All the more so that we leave using the swimsuit at your discretion, because each bathtub is located in a separate room.


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