Special Offers

This special offer is meant for all of those seeking a remarkable experience while staying at Karlovy Vary.
The European Centre of the Natural Beer Spa is located not even 15 minutes from the centre of Karlovy Vary, in the picturesque location of Nivy.

The package includes:

  • A beer bath for two in a wooden vat of a duration of 60 minutes (the bath itself lasts ca. 30 min.)
  • Beer consumption during the beer bath (300 ml/person)
  • Lunch or Dinner – the “Globetrotter's Meal” shall be served
  • FREE parking on the beer spa premises

The “Globetrotter's Meal” (900g) is composed of:
Delicate and juicy pork or chicken shashlik with marinated onion and home-made sauce, fresh vegetable salad, baked home-grown potatoes, and topped off with a low-calorie, crunchy Old Slavic barley bread.

To get to the European Centre of the Natural Beer Spa from Karlovy Vary, you can use these TAXI services for about 175 CZK – tel. +420 737 883 388

Price of package for two: 2.650 CZK or 99 €

Needed time: ca. 4 hours

Make reservations now at tel. +420 727 833 309 or take advantage of online reservation.



Contact us at tel :

+420 727 833 309


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Centre of the Natural Beer Spa - Karlovy Vary - Niva