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Patent for the invention of a physiotherapeutic bath


The European Centre of the Natural Beer Spa is a unique combination of nature, relaxation, original spa procedures, beer, and gourmet food.
Although the Centre of the Natural Beer Spa is located a mere 15 minutes from the town centre of Karlovy Vary, you will enjoy its enchanting natural surroundings, undisturbed by the rush of the city.

The Beer Spa offers:

  • centuries-old, tried and true original beer baths
  • excellent meals inspired by Old Slavic recipes in the restaurant
  • a pleasant stay in the bed and breakfast of the beer spa
  • unique 14° beer brewed in the local family brewery
  • rest and relaxation directly in the nature of the Ore Mountain foothills



In the birthday is the discount -20% in the restaurant and in the beerspa.




About restaurant in Karlovy Vary

The “Staroslovanská Kuchyně” (“Old Slavic Cuisine”) Restaurant is a part of the beer spa complex. Its dining hall was built already in 1810.Thus, the exceptional atmosphere underscores the excellent gourmet food and the beer brewed in the local family brewery.

The original dining hall, which underwent reconstruction, has ceiling vaults, columns, and the original fireplace, which all complete the exceptional atmosphere
of this historical restaurant.

Come and enjoy shashlik, home-made sausages, pelmeni made of venison and mouflon, veal, pork, lamb, pheasant or trout, as well as many other delicacies
prepared in the old stone oven, which is heated by oak wood.


  • The restaurant is open for you every day from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.
  • The capacity of the restaurant is 55 seats + outside garden for 100 people.
  • The interior of the restaurant is non-smoking.
  • Wi-Fi internet connection is available for free.


Contact us at tel :

+420 727 833 309


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