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The European Centre of the Natural Beer Spa is a unique combination of nature, relaxation, original spa procedures, beer, and gourmet food.
Although the Centre of the Natural Beer Spa is located a mere 15 minutes from the town centre of Karlovy Vary, you will enjoy its enchanting natural surroundings, undisturbed by the rush of the city.

The Beer Spa offers:

  • centuries-old, tried and true original beer baths
  • excellent meals inspired by Old Slavic recipes in the restaurant
  • a pleasant stay in the bed and breakfast of the beer spa
  • unique 14° beer brewed in the local family brewery
  • rest and relaxation directly in the nature of the Ore Mountain foothills




Although it would seem that beer spas are a novelty, the history of this procedure stems all the way back to ancient times, as proven by contemporary sources.
Beer baths have been known for over 2,000 years. At that time, beer was not yet made from hops, but from cereal malt. Thus, we can say that classic beer baths
were used ever since hops replaced wheat, i.e. after 768 CE.

The Beer Baths of the Present

The history of modern beer baths dates to the end of the 20th century. The renaissance of this procedure began in 1997, at the German brewery Klosterbrauerei Neuzelle. Since then, this increasingly popular wellness procedure has spread to the rest of the world. In the Czech Republic, the first “beer” spa began operations in 2006, and since then, other sites in the CR have begun offering this treatment.

However, waste from breweries, wort from beer that has yet to ferment, dry malt and hops, cosmetic beer foam, or a mix of all of these ingredients are added to the “beer” baths instead of unfiltered and unpasteurised beer.
The European Centre of the Natural Beer Spa adds a truly unfiltered and unpasteurised 14° dark Karlovy Vary beer from our family
brewery to the hot baths, as according to our own patent on beer baths.


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