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Restaurant Old Slavic Cuisine in Karlovy Vary

Restaurant “Old Slavic Cuisine” in Karlovy Vary represents an important component of the recreation for everyone who spends their holiday at European Centre of Natural Beer Spas. It is an extraordinary place where every guest will have an opportunity to feel the atmosphere of the past and to taste refined dishes skillfully cooked after the old Slavic recipes. Columns, fireplace and the whole interior designed in the old historical style, contribute to the creation of magical atmosphere of this wonderful place. The menu of the restaurant is so rich that even the most capricious guest will fall in love with the incomparable combination of the ingredients and with the natural unfiltered beer brewed in the nearby family brewery. A wide choice of snacks, salads, main dishes and desserts will make everyone speechless. The main pride of the restaurant “Old Slavic Cuisine” is, of course, a huge variety of meat: deer, wild boar, chicken, beef, mouflon and pork. Fish and meat are served with vegetables prepared after traditional home- made recipes, which will make you learn more about Slavic culture and cooking. Restaurant in Karlovy Vary is the place where every person can feel special and can spend unforgettable moments with their friends and family drinking the exclusive Czech beer.


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