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Patent for the invention of a physiotherapeutic bath


The European Centre of the Natural Beer Spa is a unique combination of nature, relaxation, original spa procedures, beer, and gourmet food.
Although the Centre of the Natural Beer Spa is located a mere 15 minutes from the town centre of Karlovy Vary, you will enjoy its enchanting natural surroundings, undisturbed by the rush of the city.

The Beer Spa offers:

  • centuries-old, tried and true original beer baths
  • excellent meals inspired by Old Slavic recipes in the restaurant
  • a pleasant stay in the bed and breakfast of the beer spa
  • unique 14° beer brewed in the local family brewery
  • rest and relaxation directly in the nature of the Ore Mountain foothills



In the birthday is the discount -20% in the restaurant and in the beerspa.




Standard rooms

Standard rooms have two twin beds, offering a more modest, yet satisfactory degree of comfort.

Standard rooms include:

  • sanitary facilities
  • satellite television
  • internet – Wi-Fi
  • towels and hairdryer
  • basic toiletries

Breakfast and parking on the premises are FREE, included in the price of Standard rooms.
Not included:€ 0,40 City tax per person per night.
Arrival to 20:00,Breakfast 9:00 - 11:00, Departure to 11:00.
"European Centre of the Natural Beer Spas" Děpoltovice - Nivy 4,362 25,ČR,Tel:+420 727 833 309

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+420 727 833 309


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